Guide to moving into a Highstone Property

  1. Get estimates from removal companies, checking that comprehensive insurance cover is available against damage or loss, do they offer a packing/unpacking service?
  2. Buy contents insurance for your new home
  3. Arrange for change of address cards to be printed
  4. Contact a telephone provider to arrange for a phone line installation
  1. Draw up a list of things to pack, take the opportunity to clear out unwanted items and give them to charity, sell through classifieds/eBay, or take to the tip!
  2. Make sure you have enough packing materials, sturdy boxes, string and sticky tape.
  3. Tell your local chemist if you use their prescription delivery service
  1. Send off change of address cards and letters
  2. Arrange and pay for automatic redirection of your mail by the Post Office
  3. Put together all your important documents in one place
  1. Check all your lists to make sure nothing has been overlooked
  2. Complete your packing except for those items you are likely to need overnight.
  3. Prepare a picnic for moving day
  4. Make sure you have collected together important documents and valuables in a safe place
  5. Put together a bag with a few essential clothes, bedding, towels for your new home
  1. Pack up final items
moving in

Who to Notify

  • Department for Work and Pensions
  • HMRC – Tax Office
  • Bank
  • Building Society
  • Credit Card and Store Card Companies
  • Insurance Policies
  • Premium Savings Bonds Office (ask at the Post Office)
  • BT or Phone provider – Landline
  • Mobile Phone provider
  • Internet/Broadband
  • Satellite or internet TV Provider
  • The Post Office – redirect your mail
  • Doctors Surgery
  • Dentist
  • TV Licence Office
  • Lease or Rental Companies (e.g. TV Set)
  • Electoral Registration Office
  • Council Tax
  • Sports or Social Clubs